Hi, Welcome to my blog !!!! My name is Bella and I’ll explain a little how I got here.


Among my hobbies are painting and fashion. Yes, you have heard “hobby” well. I know some people will not understand it, but fashion is for me a hobby and a way of expressing myself, just as painting is.


I’ve always been attracted to this world, but in the last years even more. Perhaps it is the rise of fashion blogs that has made many followers of them see the fashion closer and more accessible. Always giving us ideas on how to combine clothes that we already had in our closet and did not take advantage of them or adding new ones that were missing to make that look perfect!


On the other hand, online stores have become the biggest showcase and the best way to know all the collections of each season and had a wider range to choose.


In my post you will see that there are abounding military clothes (which I freak), navy style and clothes very casual and comfortable but without ever losing that feminine and sexy point at a time.


I will recommend links for you to see similar clothes and I will include the fashion and tips section with little tricks that I hope will be very useful.


See you in “Bella rises up”, and you and I will make fashion our date of the day !!!!!


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